Zeeshan Shah, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Sugar Land, Texas, United States

“Although I considered myself a conscientious eater, it was always for the sake of vanity rather than health. That is until I learnt that I had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland. The discovery was purely accidental, and I may never have known had I not developed a mysterious skin rash that would come and go. I was frustrated by being given steroids every time the rash appeared and demanded that my doctor look deeper. A battery of tests later revealed that along with Hashimoto’s, I had the H.Pylori bacteria present in my gut and was also vitamin D deficient. The endocrinologist I was sent to told me my condition was incurable, a genetic predisposition, and that all I could do was monitor my thyroid regularly. The likelihood of developing hypothyroidism was very high. That was it. It felt like a death sentence. Sheer helplessness set in, not to mention depression. I just couldn't believe that any disease could be incurable.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. Research showed that many people with my condition had reversed the disease, and that gave me hope. I got to work right away. I started eating healthier, ditched processed foods for whole, nutrient- dense foods (easier said than done!) and tweaked my habits to include more time for exercise, rest and gratitude. After three months, I went back to the specialist for a follow-up. To my absolute joy, tests revealed that my antibody count was on its way down.

Through this experience, I learned that food truly is medicine and that we need to be our own health advocate and look for the root cause rather than put a bandage on our symptoms. Today, as a health and wellness coach, I empower and support women to rethink their food choices to heal and thrive for optimal health.” -- Zeeshan Shah, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


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