Samia Hasan, Career Coach

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my life but what tops the list is when I decided to say goodbye to my 10-year corporate career with P&G. I was a top-rated, senior brand manager with a well-paid job that was stressful, yes, but also comfortable. The initial years were all hunky-dory, a lot of learning, growth, exposure and accountability but as the years went by, I found myself less motivated and fulfilled. It was a lack of clarity on what I wanted to do next, along with the pressure of choosing an occupation as good as my job, that pushed further into my comfort zone. And so, what did I do when I got to that stage? I took a step back to get to know myself better. With the help of my close circle, I realized I’m all about people development and big impact. Making a visible, tangible difference in people’s work and lives is what I thrive on. And hence I chose crafting meaningful, rich, creative experiences that nurture connection and bonding as my new gig, Unwind the Grind. I now work with millennials as a career and leadership coach, empowering them through experiential coaching, interactive workshops and community events. In the past four years, I gained more credentials in my practice and more than 500 hours of coaching and consulting experience. I also contribute regularly to HuffPost, Thomson Reuters and others. Was it easy quitting that prestigious job and hefty paycheque? Not really. But, as they say, nothing of great significance is ever achieved by playing it safe. There is no growth in our comfort zone, just as there is no comfort in our growth zone. To truly grow, we need to step outside of our protective shell. That is exactly what I did, and I’ve never been happier." Samia Hasan, Career Coach


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