Dr. Nour Khatib, ER Physician

Toronto, Canada

“I am able to stay calm when others are stressed. I see people on the worst day of their life. I knew early on that emergency medicine was my calling but I took some detours to get here. I was a financial analyst for Pratt & Whitney Canada after studying finance and completing an MBA. Years later, I’m on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19 in Toronto as an emergency physician and educator. The stress is high, the pressure is immense but I know that I’m exactly where I belong. The emergency department has turned into a battlefield of fear and I have to suit up before I can see patients. A smile goes a long way in a room with palpable anxiety. On a typical day, I'm either in the emergency department seeing patients with respiratory illnesses likely caused by COVID-19 or I'm working in a COVID-19 Assessment Centre where we examine and test patients for the virus. In the evenings, I work on emergency hospital simulations so we can educate our doctors and nurses on how to manage these high acuity situations. A few weeks from now I'll be heading to work in the emergency department at Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, where I hope to bring my knowledge with me and prepare my colleagues. The days are long, the collective physiological and psychological stresses are rough. I dream of having the proper Personal Protective Equipment to be able to do our jobs safely. I love my calling, my passion for medicine and educating is real, but I did not sign up to be a martyr. Without our gear, how can we perform knowing we are risking our lives and our family? One day there will be a vaccine against this. I would like to remind anyone hesitant about vaccinations that the world is in a chaotic state full of grief and death and we are missing ONE vaccine. Imagine a world without any." Dr. Nour Khatib, Emergency Physician


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