Mariam Dabboussi, Digital Changemaker

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“I grew up in Tripoli, a city in the north of Lebanon, where at the time half of the city residents lived below the poverty line. My father himself had at most completed 5th grade before dropping out to help my grandfather pay off debt. Since then, my dad worked hard to make sure that my brother and I valued education and got the best education available to succeed in life.

I was a first-generation university student on my father’s side of the family, studying industrial engineering. His words and journey were the driving force throughout my four years as an engineering student. While in university, I grew particularly fond of technology and its ability to transform lives at scale. I explored different career paths, which helped me realize what fulfills me: creating opportunities for marginalized communities. I created the first bridge between technology and social impact with Light Up A Village, an initiative I founded to introduce renewable energy solutions to underserved communities throughout Lebanon.

I created the second bridge between technology and social impact during my internship at Google. Being on the cutting edge of technology in a region like the Arab world, where millions of users are coming online, gives you the sense of scale and importance to the role the internet plays - and I want to help and be a part of that.

Today, I am a Consumer Marketing Manager at Google, where my work focuses on how technology can be useful to millions of users in the Middle East and North Africa region. I’ve launched the Google Assistant in Arabic across 18 markets, and I’m currently focused on growing our female creator ecosystem in YouTube. My journey is proof that a woman armed with her education can do anything. She can change the narrative of any given situation for her, her family and her community." - Mariam Dabboussi, Digital Changemaker


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