Mallory Greene, Entrepreneur

Toronto, Canada

“When I graduated from university, I could not land a job. I had worked in retail over the

summers and was involved in charity work on campus but had no business experience

on my resume. After many applications and only two interviews, I landed an unpaid

internship helping a new non-profit organization launch in Toronto. I was focused on

marketing and communications, and it was my first true sense of working for an early-

stage organization.

As the summer came to a close, I met the founder for coffee, and he told me he had just

joined this new startup called Wealthsimple. There were five people on the team, and

he was looking for a marketing intern. At the time, I felt that I had nothing to lose, and it

seemed like a great opportunity, so I took the leap (despite hesitations from everyone in

my circle).

That risk paid off. I spent five years at Wealthsimple, working in everything from

marketing to HR and recruiting. My biggest project there was launching the

Wealthsimple Foundation. We often joked that at one point or another, I had every job at

Wealthsimple. I even did a bit of coding. I had experienced a true rocketship startup: I

learned a lot, failed fast, and built lifelong friendships. It was an incredible experience.

Throughout my time at Wealthsimple, I knew ultimately my goal was to launch my own

business. I was always searching for a business that I could combine my love for

technology with an industry that I had a deep understanding of. It just so happens that

I’m the daughter of a funeral director, which meant that I had a lot of knowledge about

what the industry was lacking and how it was evolving. I knew that it was time to take

the leap into entrepreneurship and change how families interact with the funeral


Launching Eirene was no small feat, and we went through a 10-month regulatory battle;

and at some points, I questioned the journey I was on. But I started Eirene to make the

funeral experience better for families, and it's important for me to continue with what I

sought out to do." - Mallory Greene, Entrepreneur


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