Jane Msumba, Blogger

Bristol, England

“It all kicked off in my second semester of pharmacy school two years ago. I was enjoying my course but had an ongoing desire to do something meaningful alongside my studies. I am always keen to engage with others from different countries and have a burning passion for global pharmacy. I noticed there was a market for more UK-based pharmacy blogs, and I envisioned how I would truly enjoy documenting my pharmacy school journey and networking and learning from others internationally. However, I had not yet mustered the courage to set up my own blog. As the saying goes: If you want your life to be magnificent story then begin by realizing that you are the author. And so I took the plunge in March of 2018 and created my own Instagram account and YouTube channel, mypharmdiary - where I share my life experiences and pharmacy school lessons. The response has been great and I’m now working on an accompanying website and recently started a Global Pharma Pals Facebook group as well. We’re a group of international pharmacy pals uniting to share our school stories and uplift and encourage each other through our life journeys. Stepping out of my comfort zone and taking control of my dreams have empowered me to secure pharmacy placements in four different countries (Japan, Italy, Philippines and Malawi). I am keen to pursue a career in global pharmacy thus having insights into pharmacy in differing countries has been a worthwhile experience. My blog work has been featured as part of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s #WEAREPHARMACY campaign. I look forward to exercising my creative skills, seeking new opportunities to grow and curating new friendships. After all, with all our unique gifts and talents, we owe it to ourselves to unleash and embrace them, right?” Jane Msumba, Student and Blogger


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