Geetika Joshi, Founder & High School Student

Toronto, Canada

“Last year, after returning from an overnight school trip, I found out that my mom had a slip-and-fall accident and was at home with a severe concussion and slight injuries. Being the eldest child, I instantly believed that all of my mother’s chores had now become my responsibility. Managing extra duties at home, keeping up with extracurricular activities and completing school eventually began to take their toll on me. From 6 a.m to 2 a.m, my work days were slowly burning me out. Unaware of potential consequences, I turned to coffee to support my long days. Three months later, my addiction had grown to almost five medium-sized coffees per day. The caffeine wouldn’t let me sleep, and the lack of sleep forced me to resort to more caffeine. I was stuck in an endless downward spiral of self-sacrifice, addiction and refusal of any help.

They say that for many, the desire to change their lives comes with a jolt - in my case, it was sharp chest pain. I finally took a moment to think calmly and realized how overworked and self-sacrificed I had become. That moment forward, I promised to put myself first and understand that it is alright to let things go. I began restructuring my life, sleeping early and completely stopped my caffeine intake. As every day passed, I felt a sense of victory. My family and friends played a huge role in my mental, physical and emotional transformation. I shared with them a list of my priorities and goals, and together we outlined a plan. A few months later, I got the life-changing opportunity to pursue my entrepreneurial dream and establish my own company Gigglez, offering high-quality leather bags and backpacks for an affordable price. This entrepreneurial venture has turned into an exhilarating and empowering journey.

In a world full of information, responsibilities and never-ending to-do lists, it’s crucial to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. By accepting my limitations and focusing on my needs, I now feel like a completely different individual. Embracing my weaknesses has become my greatest strength. I hope by sharing my story, I empower other teen girls to do the same.” Geetika Joshi, Founder & High School Student


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