Dania Dbaibo Darwish, Psychologist

Beirut, Lebanon

“After a successful career in sales and marketing of consumer goods for over five years, my career came to an end. I got married and moved to several countries with my husband and became a stay-at-home mom, for many years, to two wonderful kids. But something was missing. At the age of 36, I thought it was time to build my new career in psychology this time – an area I always had the passion for. At the time, we settled back in Beirut. So I re-enrolled at the American University of Beirut to major in psychology and complete my master’s degree. Between my first graduation with a BBA in 1987 and my second in 2007, some 20 years had passed. I was back in the workforce again, all fresh and excited. I had my ‘career hat’ back on. Fast forward 13 years: I’m now a licensed clinical psychologist and certified professional coach with multiple credentials and certifications. I became an instructor of psychology at my alma mater for years and at another university. Then, I decided to focus on my own private practice in Beirut. I became involved in many professional associations and community work. I'm also a regular guest speaker on national and international TV channels advocating self-development. Today, when I think about all the things I still have to learn, to do, and to look forward to, I could almost hyperventilate!! Re-inventing my career entailed so many sacrifices and hard work but was certainly worthwhile and most rewarding. And to be honest, I never ever regretted that earlier career interruption. It was a long-term investment in my kids that I can see paying off really well now. My relentless desire to learn something new keeps me moving forward. It’s never too late to re-invent your career, is it?"


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