Deqa Abukar, Founder

Stockholm, Sweden

“The strongest memory I have goes back to the first day I managed my mother’s store at the age of 14 all by myself. I felt a tremendous pride and freedom. I felt at home. Today, as a startup incubator founder, I get to see others experience the same feeling. Everyday I get to hear about other people's dreams, visions and goals in life. I have the privilege of witnessing their startup journey from idea to reality. Entrepreneurship has always been in my surroundings - it was almost something I took for granted. For as long as I can remember, I have seen the women in my family be entrepreneurs and run shops around the world. Today, I thrive to help more women, especially minority women, find what they feel at home in, what ignites their spark and what makes them dare to go after their dreams. My goal is to build an infrastructure where no one feels restricted due to their appearance, religion, ethnicity or anything that makes them different. That's why I founded the women's network Womenisa - to create a society that we recognize ourselves in. Women with minority backgrounds are underrepresented in all corners of society and few dare to enter into entrepreneurship. Our goal is to give women the inspiration they need and help them realize their entrepreneurial dreams when they’re ready to take the plunge. Through my work in Womenisa, we have become role models and recognized for our hard work through several award nominations.This year, we became the winner of Selma of the Year (Årets Selma) that awards a person or organization that has improved the gender equality debate during the past year and contributed to change and improvement in Swedish society. As we help more women become entrepreneurs, they, in turn, become agents of change and inspiring role models contributing to creating a more equal society." Deqa Abukar, Founder


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